Behind the Scenes of the The CRT X Farm League Shoot

May 18, 2018 by Keely Brazil

Last month, our team was on site for an incredible film shoot with director Chris Malloy and his production company, Farm League. For all involved, this experience was an amazing time of learning from the ranchers and conservationists we profiled. We are so excited to share this short film with you soon!

No one is better suited to tell the story of ranching conservation than Chris Malloy, a California cowboy and surf legend. Ambassador, director, and creative for Patagonia for the last 14 years, Chris’ films include 180° South, The Fisherman’s Son, and Thicker Than Water. He has directed global ad campaigns for Ford, Jeep, RAM, Coors, and Yeti.

When we reached out to Chris to ask if he would be willing to partner with us in making this film, he was instantly on board. A Central California rancher himself, Chris understands the importance of the story we’re telling about the role ranching plays in our environment—both today and for future generations.

Throughout the production, the resounding theme we all felt was one of HOPE. Hope for the future of rangelands, hope that the narrative is changing to represent the benefits of ranchers’ work, hope that working landscapes will be recognized for their role in a healthy ecosystem that benefits us all.

Listening to 11 interviewees this week repeatedly drove home that the ranchers who partner with the California Rangeland Trust are incredibly passionate about conserving the state’s open rangeland. They are driven to ensure that they leave a legacy of stewardship and conservation. These rangelands not only sustain the earth, they are creating solar power, housing humanitarian projects, and providing Californians the chance to experience and learn how ranching can heal the earth.

Stay tuned to learn more about all these incredible stories and more when we release this short film in June!