Where We Work

California Rangeland Trust has worked with ranching conservationists across the state to protect open spaces. Get to know our ranching partners.

Get to Know Our
California Ranching Partners

California Rangeland Trust is the largest land trust in the Golden State. We have partnered with California’s ranching families to conserve 395,633 acres of working open spaces throughout the state.

This impact goes far beyond a number. When you drive by rolling grassy hills, enjoy a glass of fresh water, or take a breath of clean air, that’s due in part to the stewardship of ranchers in our state who preserve the resources all of us benefit from.

These landscapes are vital to our quality of life. More than 85% of California’s fresh water runs over ranches. Grasslands scrub carbon in the atmosphere and put it back into healthy soil, restoring land to its natural state and cleaning the air we breathe. 67% of federally threatened or endangered species spend part of their lives on private rangeland—and these lands account for 62% of California’s undeveloped open spaces.

No matter which part of California you call home, ranching matters to you. It matters to your way of life and to your children’s future. It’s a heritage we all share in the state we call home. Get to know our California ranching partners and the spaces they steward.