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In an emotional confession, Merrie told of her promise to Don’s father regarding the ranch. “I made a promise to his dad on his deathbed, because his dad, his mother, and I were close. I made a promise to him, before he passed with cancer, that I would work my best to keep this a ranch and carry on his wishes that he was already doing. I told him I would do it. He knew I would keep the promise.”

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A bright, red barn embellished with the Certified Angus Beef, and Five Star Land and Livestock logos, greeted ranch tour visitors as they drove by pastures of black angus cattle onto Mark and Abbie Nelson’s property. As part of the California Rangeland Trust’s partnership with Raley’s and AT&T through the “Where Your Food Grazes and Grows” program, our last ranch tour of the year was nothing short of perfect.

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What an exciting year it has been for the Rangeland Trust! With the support of our ranching partners, donors, and friends, we’ve hit a lot of milestones. Here are just a few highlights:

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California Rangeland Trust has conserved more than 330,000 acres of land in its twenty-one years, a number we don’t take lightly. It is our responsibility to ensure the terms of each conservation agreement are being upheld and the land is well-preserved. We do this, in part, through an annual process called “monitoring.” where we visit each conserved property.

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Tim Koopman: A Voice for Grazing

Tim Koopman: A Voice for Grazing April 22, 2019 by Keely Brazil From Tim Koopmann’s ranch in Alameda County, he has watched the city grow. A shadow encroaching on the green hills, urban expansion has scratched at his horizon as long as he can remember. His small stretch of land

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The Last Two Years, Two Months, & 18 Days

The Last Two Years, Two Months, & 18 Days March 15, 2019 “I took that [photo] two years ago.” It was 6 in the evening. In the light breeze, the faint smell of moist soil on a warm summer evening wafted off the vernal pool area Jack Alderson, Natural Resources

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Rominger Brothers Farms: A Model of Sustainability & Stewardship

Rominger Brothers Farms: A Model of Sustainability & Stewardship March 12, 2019 by CRT Bruce and Rick Rominger are fifth-generation farmers and ranchers. Their business, Rominger Brothers Farms, became a model of environmental sustainability through their commitment to growing crops and managing rangeland using sustainable practices. Partnering with California Rangeland

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2018 — Celebrates 20 Years of Impact & Hope

2018 — Celebrates 20 Years of Impact & Hope December 27, 2018 by Nita Vail & K. Mark Nelson In 20 years of conserving rangeland, this year has topped them all for many reasons. California Rangeland Trust’s extensive impact has reached critical mass and Californian’s are getting the message —

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Skyrose Ranch: Serving California

Skyrose Ranch: Serving California November 9, 2018 by CRT Through the truck window, the rolling hills of California’s central coast are still covered with plentiful grass that stretches as far as the eye can see. The land is owned by philanthropist and real estate entrepreneur B. Wayne Hughes, Jr. who

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The Genasci Ranch

The Genasci Ranch October 29, 2018 by Keely Brazil Jim Genasci was a rancher and his wife Mary was a city girl. They wanted their sons Geno and Angelo to grow up with a big view of the world. “Rural kids don’t know urban kids, but urban kids don’t know

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El Chorro Ranch

El Chorro Ranch October 19, 2018 by Keely Brazil Not all ranchers fit the John Wayne stereotype. Some look like Katie Isaacson Hames. A young blue-eyed mother making a life on the Gaviota coast, Katie has a degree in biology with a minor in creative writing. She worked at a

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Celebrating a California Ranching Legacy: Walter L. Vail

Celebrating A California Ranching Legacy: Walter L. Vail May 9, 2018 by Stephanie Herrera It’s no secret that ranching runs in the family blood. There is no greater example of that than California Rangeland Trust CEO Nita Vail. On April 14, 2018 Nita had the opportunity to witness her great-grandfather

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A Different Legacy…

A Different Legacy… March 14, 2018 by Keely Brazil Pioneers Who Loved the Land & Each Other A granite slab beside Memorial Rock honors the Sagehorns, who purchased this Mendocino County ranch in 1948. The boulder has long served as a sacred landmark—for the First People of the land, Native

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