San Luis Obispo County

Image of solar panels on Jack Ranch

Jack Ranch

The solar project on the Jack Ranch, owned by the Hearst Corporation, serves as a groundbreaking model for clean energy production, innovative land management, and stewardship by generating enough clean energy to power 100,000 homes.

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Image of Cattle herd at Avenales Ranch

Avenales Ranch

In September 2017, the California Rangeland Trust, along with funding partners the Wildlife Conservation Board and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, conserved the Avenales Ranch in San Luis Obispo County. The 12,284-acre ranch is known for its bountiful wildlife, watersheds, rich history, and family legacy. It is home to six generations of Sinton ranchers, three of whom are still running the ranch.

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Image of Horseback Rider at Rock Front Ranch

Rock Front Ranch

The Rock Front Ranch stands as the western gateway to the Cuyama Valley. The ranch provides a critical wildlife corridor for animals needing to reach larger conserved territories in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura Counties. The land preserved includes a wildlife underpass connecting the Los Padres National Forest and the Cuyama Valley, which allows passage between them without animals having to cross busy Highway 166 that cuts through the region.

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Old San Simeon Village

Old San Simeon Village San Luis Obispo County California’s Land Trust Community Working Together This conservation easement conserves 94 acres of coastal land. It ensures protection of beautiful landscape, the historic village owned by the Hearst family, and offers incredible scenic views for visitors and travelers along the coastal Highway

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Santa Margarita Ranch

Santa Margarita Ranch San Luis Obispo County Voluntary Mitigation with Viewshed & Habitat Protection The historic Santa Margarita Ranch began as an asestencia of the San Luis Obispo Mission in 1774. In 1841, a few years after secularization, it was offered as a Mexican Land Grant and today large portions

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Hearst Ranch

Hearst Ranch San Luis Obispo County Precedent-Setting Agreement Redefines State’s Conservation Paradigm One of the largest land conservation agreements in California history, the conservation of Hearst Ranch in 2005 has exceeded expectations in protecting a significant part of the State’s coastline. In an unprecedented partnership, Hearst Corporation, the Rangeland Trust,

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Carrizo Ranches

Carrizo Ranch San Luis Obispo County Preserving Endemic Central California Species Judith Friend, owner of the Carrizo Ranch, donated multiple conservation easements of over 27,000 acres of cattle ranch located approximately 36 miles due east of San Luis Obispo, along the southern foothills of the Carrizo Plain. The ranch sits within

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