Monterey County

Image of solar panels on Jack Ranch

Jack Ranch

The solar project on the Jack Ranch, owned by the Hearst Corporation, serves as a groundbreaking model for clean energy production, innovative land management, and stewardship by generating enough clean energy to power 100,000 homes.

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Image of tall grass hills at Wilmar Ranch

Wilmar Ranch

The Wilmar Ranch is in Monterey County and is approximately 2,100 acres in size. The ranch neighbors an 11,000-acre property that has also been conserved by the Rangeland Trust. With proceeds from the conservation agreement on the Wilmar Ranch, the ranch owners were able to reacquire most of the ranch, which had been originally put together by previous generations year ago.

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V6 Ranch

V6 Ranch Fresno County & Monterey County Matching Rancher Needs with Conservation California Rangeland Trust worked with the landowner and The Trust for Public Land on the acquisition of this 17,000-acre conservation easement, the centerpiece of our Diablo Range Project. The Varian family requested that California Rangeland Trust become the

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Sky Rose Ranch

Sky Rose Ranch Monterey County Inspiring Future Generations of Conservation In 2010, the Avery family donated their magnificent 11,000-acre ranch in Monterey County to the Rangeland Trust. Honoring the Avery family’s wishes and vision for the land, the Rangeland Trust put a conservation easement on the ranch and sold it

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Kester Bear Valley Ranch & Jacalitos Ranch

Kester Bear Valley Ranch & Jacalitos Ranch Fresno County & Monterey County Promoting Regional Conservation & Coordination Almost 17,500 acres were added to California Rangeland Trust’s Southern Diablo Range Project in 2003 when easements closed on three separate ranches straddling the Monterey and Fresno County lines. The Kester’s Bear Valley

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Harden Ranch

Harden Ranch Monterey County Expands Conservation Landscape This easement conserves 480 acres in southeastern Monterey County, which supports native grasslands and oak woodlands. The easement safeguards water flowing into Portuguese Canyon Creek, and offers contiguous landscape blocks connecting adjacent Sky Rose Ranch, Kester Ranches and Varian Ranches.

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