How Conservation Works

California Rangeland Trust holds conservation easements on 395,633 acres. Find out what this means and how we fulfill our commitment to ranching conservation.

Partnering with California
Ranching Conservationists

We have partnered with California ranching families across the state to permanently protect 395,633 acres of beautiful open spaces as working landscapes forever. These lands serve as wildlife corridors and carbon sponges; where sensitive species thrive, our air is cleansed, and our fresh water flows. The ranches of California are home to the resources that benefit us all.

Our rangelands are a vital part of our state’s history, and they are critical to the legacy we’ll leave behind. These lands, and the resources they protect, are invaluable. That’s why California Rangeland Trust is devoted to working with local ranching families to protect these landscapes forever.

Protecting the Land Through
Conservation Agreements

When a landowner chooses to restrict their land for only agricultural open space uses, California Rangeland Trust provides the tools necessary to permanently protect their land through a special agreement known as a conservation easement.

A conservation easement is a voluntary, legal agreement between a landowner and the Rangeland Trust.

By voluntarily limiting the ability to develop their land, landowners safeguard its natural ecosystems, agricultural values, cultural and western heritage for future generations, while still retaining fee ownership. Learn more about what a conservation easement is and how it impacts landowners here.

Why a Conservation Easement?

For many ranchers, a conservation easement makes sense from both an economic and an environmental perspective.

Today’s Golden State ranchers face many challenges, including expensive estate taxes, state and federal overregulation, and financial pressure from developers. The decision to partner with the Rangeland Trust can give landowners peace of mind knowing their cherished land will stay open forever. This decision can also provide significant financial relief for ranching families.

Conservation easements benefit all of us. No matter your background, we can find common ground in protecting these landscapes. When ranchers lose their land, developers typically move in. All Californians are impacted by the loss of this precious land and the invaluable natural resources it safeguards. California ranches help generate pure water, clean air, wildlife habitat, healthy protein, local jobs, and so much more.

Protecting What Matters Since 1998

California Rangeland Trust is dedicated to serving landowners and partnering with them to protect the invaluable working landscapes of our state. Join us, and become part of our ranching conservation family. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to receive positive stories about ranchers who chose to partner with the Rangeland Trust in preserving our state’s precious open spaces!