Monitoring is an opportunity for us to forge deeper relationships with our ranching partners. Learn more about conservation easements at California Rangeland Trust.

Conservation Easement Monitoring

Honoring Rancher Stewardship Since 1998

California Rangeland Trust values the relationships we’ve forged with our ranching partners. Nothing is more important to us than supporting California ranchers in their time-honored work of stewarding the land and its resources for future generations.

Forging Bonds with Landowners

After a conservation agreement is signed, our organization manages ongoing monitoring by regularly visiting the ranch to ensure that terms of the easement are being upheld. This is both to honor the promises we’ve made to our supporters and to build and maintain strong relationships with landowners.

These visits provide an opportunity to exchange ideas on rangeland management or discuss how the easement fits with the landowner’s future vision for their ranch. We find that time spent riding through ranches with ranching families forges a stronger bond than a meeting or phone call ever could.

The Rangeland Trust is a leader in the modern responsible West.

We’re committed to saving the land and the cultural legacy of California’s ranches. Our goal is to ensure the continuation of stewardship by the families who have worked them for generations.

Now that California Rangeland Trust holds conservation easements on 395,633 acres of privately-owned rangeland, more than ever our responsibilities require us to work diligently to maintain positive relationships with all our landowners.  Monitoring is a responsibility that we take very seriously, but we see it more as an opportunity than an obligation.

Leaders in Ranching Conservation

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