Genasci Ranch

Sierra County

Fulfilling a Family's Dream to Preserve Its Conservation Legacy

In January 2005, California Rangeland Trust completed a land preservation agreement with Sierra Valley rancher and conservationist Attilio Genasci, and his son Jim Genasci. The 500-acre project was a joint effort among the Rangeland Trust, the Sierra Business Council, and the California Wildlife Conservation Board. The Sierra Valley encompasses approximately 130,000 acres in Plumas and Sierra counties and is not only the largest Alpine valley in California, but also, one of the largest in the United States. 

The Sierra Valley is a critical point in the Pacific Flyway, providing important habitat for numerous species of waterfowl. The ranch provides habitat for migratory bird species, mule deer, black bear, Great Basin wild rye, and other wildlife and plant species. Located just minutes from the Bar One and DS ranches, where the Rangeland Trust also holds conservation contracts, the Genasci Ranch is ideally positioned to serve as a model for future conservation efforts on working family ranches throughout the Sierra Valley. 

Owned and operated by the Genasci family since 1909, the ranch is a prime example of exemplary agricultural stewardship. The Genascis are committed stewards of their land and have demonstrated an outstanding ability to preserve their working ranch for nearly 100 years. The closure of the land preservation agreement fulfilled a family promise to never let their ranch be developed. Read more about their incredible legacy on our blog.