Preuschoff Ranch

Madera County

Conserving Oak Woodlands for Future Generations

On May 3, 2007, California Rangeland Trust placed a conservation easement on 2,305 acres of the Preuschoff Ranch forever preserving a family’s way of life and a piece of California’s western heritage. The transaction fulfills the desire of the ranch owners to keep the land as a privately-owned ranch in perpetuity. The Preuschoff Ranch lies in the heart of the Kennedy Table area where spectacular blue oak woodlands, vernal pools and grazing resources are particularly high. The ranch will continue its significant role in maintaining habitat continuity within the San Joaquin River watershed. The conservation easement enables the next generation of ranchers to sustain the quality of the ranch by the continued use of low-impact grazing as an ecological management tool. This project was funded by a grant through the California Wildlife Conservation Board’s Oak Woodlands Conservation Program.