Rancho San Lorenzo

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County Ranch & Endangered Species Habitat Conserved Forever

The San Lorenzo Ranch, located in Santa Barbara County, will forever remain a working cattle ranch and critical habitat for the California Tiger Salamander, an endangered species, as the result of a conservation easement agreement placed on December 20, 2007, between the owners of the ranch and California Rangeland Trust. The easement contains 594 acres of pristine habitat and links a continuous expanse of rangeland with vistas through the Los Alamos Valley that will be here in perpetuity for future generations to enjoy. The property is strategically located between federally protected lands at Vandenberg Air Force Base and the Los Padres National Forest which will help provide both breeding habitat and an unfragmented wildlife corridor for this and other State and Federally listed species. The project was completed in partnership with the Kline family, California Rangeland Trust, the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County, the Wildlife Conservation Board, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with funding from Proposition 117 and the 2001 Recovery Land Acquisition Program. The San Lorenzo Ranch will continue to be privately owned, and remains on the County’s property tax rolls, contributing to the Santa Barbara County economy.