Sardella Ranch

Tuolumne County

The Sardella Ranch is located 32.5 miles northeast of Modesto and 7.5 miles southeast of the town of Sonora, just south of Highway 108.  The land use is mostly rangeland used for horse & livestock grazing and wildlife habitat. Rural Residential zoning is in close proximity to the ranch on the north end and at one point is only separated by one parcel causing very high development pressure in the immediate area. This ranch is rich in historic and prehistoric values.  Numerous Indian grinding rocks from the local Miwok tribe are located throughout the ranch.  Remnants of a Chinese labor camp and the Morgan Church are historic features that remain on the Ranch. In a region of Tuolumne County where ranchette housing developments have been spreading, conserving this valuable resource will directly help maintain the quality and quantity of the Tuolumne River and its associated land, water, and other natural resources. This easement was funded by the Wildlife Conservation Board.