Avenales Ranch

San Luis Obispo County

Preserving Bountiful Wildlife, Watersheds, and Rich History

In September 2017, the California Rangeland Trust, along with funding partners, the Wildlife Conservation Board and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, conserved the Avenales Ranch in San Luis Obispo County. The 12,710-acre easement is known for its bountiful wildlife, watersheds, rich history, and family legacy. It is home to six generations of ranchers, three of whom are still running the ranch.

Adjacent to the Los Padres National Forest, the Avenales Ranch joins an existing 1.8 million-acre stretch of publicly and privately conserved rangeland, and wildlife habitat, which contains the headwaters of the Salinas and Santa Maria rivers. This habitat also provides breeding, migratory, and foraging habitat for a variety of species including Tule elk, threatened California red-legged frog, and the endangered California condor. Conserving the Avenales Ranch is a significant win for the plants and animals that call this place home.