W.F. Cook Cattle Company

San Joaquin County, California

Staving off urban development.

Image of River on Cook Ranch

Sitting just 13 miles east of Stockton, California, the Cook Ranch was poised to see significant impact from urban expansion. A new development had been approved for four, 40-acre ranchette lots on the western boundary, dividing land connectivity and increasing the pressure to change from a cattle ranch to houses. Instead, the Cook family partnered with the Rangeland Trust in 2008 to conserve their 2,235-acre ranch, ensuring the preservation of the land’s integrity. 

The project was funded in part by the Department of Conservation California Farmland Conservancy Program, while the remaining funds came from the FRPP, funded by the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002.

“We feel accomplished by preserving this open space, the rangeland, and this way of life,” said Bill Cook. “This was our opportunity to do something important”.

The Cook Ranch will forever remain a working landscape and will provide an open landscape for generations to come.