Rock Front Ranch

Santa Barbara County & San Luis Obispo County, California

Community support helps protect a critical wildlife corridor in the Cuyama Valley.

The Rock Front Ranch stands as the western gateway to the Cuyama Valley. The ranch provides a critical wildlife corridor for animals needing to reach larger conserved territories in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura Counties. The land preserved includes a wildlife underpass connecting the Los Padres National Forest and the Cuyama Valley, which allows passage between them without animals having to cross busy Highway 166 that cuts through the region. The namesake large rock face serves as a sanctuary for migrating birds like peregrine and prairie falcons, as well as California condor and Swainson’s hawk. The Ranch is also home to up to 35 endangered and special-status species.

The 300-acre Rock Front Ranch serves as an ambassador project for rangeland conservation throughout our state as the first Rangeland Trust project 100% funded by contributions from the community. With this opportunity, we leveraged the passion of Californians who care about open space conservation, while helping to build a future for greater civic engagement in this vital cause.