TS Ranch

Yolo County, California

Honoring history and heritage on the TS Ranch.

In 2020, the conservation agreement on the 3,496-acre TS Ranch in Yolo County was completed. Located in the hills of the Capay Valley, along Cache Creek near the town of Guinda, the ranch is a mosaic of grassland, chaparral, and oak woodland habitat. It is also home to abundant wildlife species, including red foxes, black-tailed deer, grey squirrels, Swainson’s hawks, Bald eagles, and others. The Tompkins run a small cow-calf operation on the ranch and lease a portion of the property to a neighboring ranch operation. With the voluntary conservation agreement established on the TS Ranch, the owners are helping to ensure that the property will remain as a working landscape in perpetuity.

The ranch has a wide-ranging history. What is now land for a cattle operation had ties to the famous Confederate Civil War General, Stonewall Jackson. A portion of the land was also a haven for an African American community who farmed the land as a source of income in the 1800s. According to the Thompkins who have kept in touch with decedents of these families, they grew tree crops and raised livestock on the same hills where the Tompkins’s cattle now roam today. The Tompkins family is grateful that the longstanding history of the ranch will be honored and preserved in perpetuity.