Roadrunner Ranch

San Benito County

Mitigation Project Protects 500 acres of Habitat on Working Cattle Ranch

Located just four miles outside of Hollister, CA, the Roadrunner Ranch encompasses grasslands and wetlands that provide habitat for 14 special-status species including most notably, the California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog and the San Joaquin kit fox. In 2020, 548 acres of the ranch were forever conserved through a conservation agreement held by the Rangeland Trust.

When utility companies perform construction projects or maintenance activities, they often need to mitigate for potential disturbances or losses to threatened or endangered species habitat by conserving a similar landscape in the surrounding area. Developed in accordance with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the conservation agreement on the Roadrunner Ranch is designed to help offset potential habitat impacts in 34 Northern California counties as part of Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) Multiple Region Habitat Conservation Plan.