Meet Our Partners: Raley's

September 24, 2021 BY MAdison Goss

Raley’s is committed to nourishing our people, our communities, and our planet through action. This mission is why Raley’s has been an essential partner of the California Rangeland Trust. 

Over five years ago, Raley’s and the Rangeland Trust teamed up to create the “Where Your Food Grows and Grazes” program. The program provides field trips for young students to local cattle ranches and farms. It strives to create hands-on learning activities in agricultural education, conservation, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles. Since its inception in 2015, Raley’s and the Rangeland Trust have hosted dozens of field trips, inspiring people everywhere to better understand where their food comes from. 

Both organizations understand the importance of agriculture and the importance of stewarding our land for future generations. Between the Rangeland Trust’s dedication to land conservation and Raley’s devotion to sustainability, this partnership bridges the production and distribution of quality products. 

Raley’s prioritizes their customers and producers when choosing what products to carry in their stores. Sarah England, Raley’s Community Programs Coordinator, said, “We want to be part of the positive change in sustainability – if we cannot sustain our environment and protect our agricultural lands, we will have decreased access to healthy, natural foods.” 

The Rangeland Trust applauds Raley’s continued dedication to connecting consumers to where their food comes from and we look forward to continuing to build upon this partnership for years to come.

Kids gathered around sign with Raley's logo
Boys and Girls Club attending the 2019 Rush Ranch Tour.