Meet Our Partners: Westervelt Ecological Services

November 19, 2021 BY MAdison Goss

The Westervelt Company is a century-old company dedicated to protecting the land’s resources for future generations. In 2006, the company formed Westervelt Ecological Services (WES) that owns and operates 30,000 acres of land across America to mitigate and plan for habitat for a variety of entities.

In 2011, California Rangeland Trust and WES joined forces to conserve a portion of the Koopmann Ranch, from there a prosperous partnership was formed. Since the first property mitigation, WES and the Rangeland Trust have worked on a total of four projects together – Koopmann Ranch, Apple Road Ranch, Dutchman Creek Ranch, and Walker Ranch – with more coming soon.

These lands that this partnership have conserved are protecting endangered species like California tiger salamander, San Joaquin kit fox, California red-legged frog, vernal pool fairy shrimp, and more. The two groups have prioritized caring for the land so that it can serve as valuable habitat for wildlife and be viable for future generations.

Travis Hemmen, WES Vice President of Business Development, said, “[WES] understands that our commitment to these landscapes is not just for today, but for the benefit of future generations.”

The California Rangeland Trust appreciates all the work that WES does to protect and manage  our working landscapes across the nation, and we look forward to continuing this prosperous partnerships.

Koopmann Ranch
Dutchman Creek Ranch
Apple Road Ranch
Walker Ranch
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