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Episode 9: Relfecting on the last two years with Dr. Dave Daley

Episode 9: Reflecting on the Last Two Years with Dr. Dave Daley 

In 2020, the Bear Fire ravaged part of the Plumas National Forest, which the Daley family has grazed cattle on since the late 1800s. Sadly, most of the Daley’s cattle herd was lost in the fire. The event and horrific days that followed prompted Dr. Dave Daley, past California Cattlemen’s Association President, to keep a journal detailing his heart-wrenching experience. Shortly after, he shared his account on social media. His story went viral and helped change hearts and minds across the country and around the world.
Over the past two years since the Bear Fire, Dave has been an active advocate for public policy change in pre- and post-fire management.
Listen as Michael sits down with Dave to discuss recent policy wins, opportunities for greater change as it relates to livestock grazing as a tool to help mitigate catastrophic wildfires, and ways that you can support these efforts. 

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