California Rangeland Trust Partners with CalTrans and County of Calaveras to Conserve Critical Rangeland and Create and Restore Riparian Habitat on the Rana Ranch



California Rangeland Trust is pleased to announce the conservation of just over 42 acres of rangeland on the Rana Ranch in Calaveras County. These conservation efforts were funded by the County of Calaveras and CalTrans to mitigate for potential habitat disturbances resulting from efforts to realign California State Route 4 (SR-4). In addition to ensuring the land will remain undeveloped, the agreement will also create and restore critical riparian habitat for wildlife.

With the help of Dokken Engineering and consulting from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, a seasonal pond and riparian area will be created to provide habitat advancement for the parcel. The pond is designed to drain completely each fall to prevent the invasion of non-native aquatic species, as well as provide a safe and suitable breeding ground for the threatened California red-legged frog.

Riparian vegetation will be planted around the perimeter of the pond, and approximately 400 native oak trees will be planted along the hillside to re-create the historic oak woodlands that were removed in the early 20th century.

Franziska Schbram, owner of the Rana Ranch, stated, “We are thrilled for this collaboration. Being able to restore and create such a critical habitat will only improve the environment in this area.”

Once the riparian restoration project is completed, the area will be managed by the owners of the Rana Ranch and monitored by the Rangeland Trust. The habitat will be carefully maintained through the utilization of cattle grazing. In addition to the 42-acre parcel, the Rana family is seeking to conserve the entire 700-acre ranch, with help from the Rangeland Trust, to ensure it will remain open and productive forever.

“The Rangeland Trust is proud to play a role in this habitat restoration project,” said Michael Delbar, CEO of the Rangeland Trust. “This partnership demonstrates an effective way to meet the needs of today and protect the vitality of the land for tomorrow.”

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