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Episode 10: cowboy poetry - A Oral Tradition

Episode 10: Cowboy Poetry – An Oral Tradition

Cowboy poetry began during the long cattle drives of the 19th century when cowboys herded cattle for months, traveling hundreds of miles on the job, and swapping stories.
Today, cowboy poetry is still going strong thanks to many talented individuals who share their experiences ranching and keep this unique version of storytelling alive for all of us to enjoy.
In this episode, Michael is joined by one of these talented individuals, Andy Hedges. Andy is a songster, reciter, storyteller, guitarist, and collector of cowboy songs and poems, and is one of the headliners for the Cowpoke Fall Gathering. Andy shares with us his road to being a cowboy poet and how sharing these songs and poems relates to the work we do at the California Rangeland Trust.

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