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Season 2 Episode 5: Wildfire Awareness and Preparedness

Season 2 Episode 5: Wildfire Awareness and Preparedness

May is Wildfire Awareness Month.

As Californians, we are all too aware of wildfires and the destruction they inflict upon on our local communities, people, and the land. Each year, it seems like wildfire season extends longer and longer, burning millions of acres. In 2021 and 2022 alone, over 3 million acres of land burned in California displacing people, wildlife, and livestock, alike. That’s why it’s important that we look at prevention through tools like grazing and prescribed fire.

In this month’s episode, Rangeland Trust CEO, Michael Delbar, is joined by Chief Gary Whitson and Public Information Officer, Emily Kilgore, of the Tuolumne-Calaveras CAL FIRE Unit. Together, the group discusses ways to prepare for fire season, as well as what to do if a fire does occur. They also go over various programs offered through CAL FIRE that support private landowners in fire prevention and mitigation, such as the Vegetation Management Program that the conserved Sardella Ranch participates in.

We thank all of our first responders for their continued hard work to keep all of us as Californians safe in the event of a wildfire. Remember to stay vigilant this fire season and prepare your land by responsibly grazing and/or clearing your property!

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