Tuned in to the Land

Season 2 Episode 6: Gate-Getting Vs. GateKeeping

Season 2 Episode 6: Gate-Getting vs. Gatekeeping  

“Gate-getting” is like a right of passage in the ranching industry. Whether you were sitting in the passenger seat because you were the youngest in the vehicle or you drew the short straw for the day, we’ve all been there at one point or another. But, gate-getting doesn’t stop after the gate is latched.

Beyond the literal meaning of opening the gate to get you where you need to go, it can also mean opening up opportunities for others. In this episode of Tuned in to the Land, Michael Delbar explores the concept of gate-getting with Markie Hageman-Jones, beef advocate and creator behind the Girls Eat Beef Too social media pages. Together, Michael and Markie discuss Markie’s coined idea of “Gate-Getting vs. Gatekeeping,” and how important it is in the agricultural industry to create opportunities for newcomers. Markie also goes over her experience working in content creation for the last six years and shares her insights on how to be a successful agricultural advocate.

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