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Season 2 Episode 9: Sharing California's ranching history

Season 2 Episode 9: Sharing California’s Ranching History

At the Rangeland Trust, we are committed to safeguarding the future of the ranching industry and those who work on the land every day. Our friends at the Moulton Museum are committed to preserving the ranching heritage of the past by sharing stories and artifacts of days gone by.
In this episode, Michael is joined by Jared Mathis, President of the Moulton Museum located in Orange County, a valued organization that shares our passion for honoring California’s rich ranching history. Now approaching its one-year anniversary, Jared and the team at the Moulton Museum have worked tirelessly to bring the spirit of the West back to life in Orange County by by actively archiving, restoring, and preserving the regions historical artifacts—everything from farm implements and buggies to documents, artwork, and images.  
During their conversation, Michael and Jared delve into the Moulton family’s impressive ranching legacy, the museum’s objectives, and the importance of conserving the land and its history for future generations.

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