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Season 3 Episode 3: A Bird's Eye View on Conservation Ranching

Season 3 Episode 3: A Bird’s Eye View on Conservation Ranching

Happy National Agriculture Day! Today, we celebrate the indispensable role of agriculture in our lives, with a special appreciation for the dedication of ranching and farming families who steward our working lands.
Well managed grazing plays a vital role that benefits both livestock and wildlife alike. Through collaborative efforts involving scientists, ranchers, and other conservation and agricultural organizations like ours, we’re actively working to highlight the positive impacts of responsible grazing practices on the environment.
On this episode, host and CEO, Michael Delbar sits down with Matt Allhouse, Senior Manager for Conservation Ranching at California’s Audubon Society to talk about the organization’s Conservation Ranching Program. This innovative program acknowledges and certifies ranches that demonstrate a commitment to both livestock health and the preservation of healthy rangelands and grasslands to support diverse bird populations. Together, Matt and Michael explore how responsible grazing practices positively contribute to health of the land, wildlife habitat, and the broader ranching communities.

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