Tuned in to the Land

Season 3 Episode 4: For the Love of the Land

Season 3 Episode 4: For the Love of the Land, featuring Daniel Sinton

Join us for a special episode as we gear up to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd! While this annual event highlights the importance of environmental protection, for ranchers across the Golden State and beyond, every single day is Earth Day. Through their unwavering commitment and stewardship of the land, our ranching partners play a pivotal role in sequestering carbon, purifying our air, supplying fresh water, offering a sustainable food source, and preserving habitats for wildlife to flourish. Their dedication ensures a thriving legacy for generations to come.
In this episode, our CEO and host, Michael Delbar, sits down with one of our ranching partners, Daniel Sinton. Daniel is a fifth-generation rancher overseeing the operations of both the Canyon Ranch and the conserved Avenales Ranch in San Luis Obispo County. Together, they speak about how Daniel’s generational knowledge, paired with his innovative approach, empowers him and his family to implement cutting-edge management practices. These practices not only enhance the land but also set a benchmark for future land managers and Californian residents alike, leaving a lasting positive impact on our environment and communities.

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