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Season 3 Episode 5: Covering Burning Topics with Anthony Stornetta

Season 3 Episode 5: Covering Burning Topics with Anthony Stornetta

May marks Wildfire Awareness and Preparedness Month—a time to reflect on the profound impact wildfires have had on California. Since 2020, over 7 million acres of our state’s lands have been scorched by relentless blazes, causing immense destruction to communities and ecosystems. For ranchers and farmers, the toll is deeply personal. From the loss of grazing grounds, crops, and precious livestock to even more dire circumstances, these fires leave indelible marks on our food systems and local communities.

In response to this crisis, agricultural advocates and legislators have united to enact crucial measures aimed at mitigating future wildfire devastation. Significant strides have been made calling for an increase in prescribed burning, along with the creation of the Livestock Pass Program and the Prescribed Fire Liability Pilot Program. Helping to lead the charge is the California Cattlemen’s Association’s Fire Sub-Committee—a coalition of ranchers, firefighters, researchers, and concerned citizens dedicated to safeguarding our state from future destruction.

In this episode, Michael Delbar, podcast host and CEO of the Rangeland Trust, is joined by the Chair of the Fire Sub-Committee, Anthony Stornetta. Together, they discuss the committee’s priorities, along with Anthony’s personal experiences as both a firefighter and rancher along the Central Coast of California.

If you are interested in learning more about the Livestock Pass Program or burn boss trainings, please feel free to reach out to Anthony directly at 805-423-6406.

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