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Season 3 Episode 6: Stronger Together

Season 3 Episode 6: Stronger Together

Farmers and ranchers are the unsung heroes of our society. Day in and day out, they work tirelessly to ensure that we have food on our tables and clothes on our backs. Despite their crucial role, they often face significant challenges, from stringent regulations to unwarranted criticism, making it increasingly difficult to sustain farming and ranching in California.

Over a century ago, these challenges spurred farmers and ranchers to unite. Realizing that collaboration was key to addressing and tackling these concerns the Farm Bureau was created as a grassroots organization dedicated to advocating for the agricultural community and educating the public on its importance.

Today, the Farm Bureau operates nationwide, with each state boasting its own branch and county offices to support farmers and ranchers at the local level. This network plays a crucial role in ensuring that our agriculturalists can continue their essential work.

In our latest episode, CEO and host, Michael Delbar sits down with Shannon Douglass, the new President of the California Farm Bureau. From regulatory hurdles to economic pressures, the duo discusses how these challenges impact the industry and what can be done to support the agricultural community. Shannon also shares her insights on the Farm Bureau’s efforts and the importance of collective action in building a stronger future for agriculture.

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