Headshot of Alicia Ivanhoe

Alicia Ivanhoe

Land Transaction Specialist

Sacramento, CA

Alicia’s love of nature began early. Growing up as a runner, she experienced immense joy traveling down the outdoor trails and spotting wildlife along the way. While obtaining a B.A. in Psychology at the University of California, Davis, Alicia ran track and cross-country; there she was exposed to beautiful agricultural land in the area. These and other outdoor adventures in Northern California have had a lasting impact on her and fuel her desire to help conserve private rangeland across the state. After completing her undergraduate studies, Alicia worked in property management and most recently residential real estate after receiving her real estate salesperson license. Alicia also has a background in the arts and in her spare time enjoys photography, painting, and screenwriting. She spent time acting in Los Angeles, and one of her favorite experiences on set was with Runaway June, working on their music video “Wild West.” Alicia is excited to bring her skills and passion to the Rangeland Trust to help conserve the working lands that provide for humans and wildlife alike.