Category: Fresno County

V6 Ranch

V6 Ranch Fresno County & Monterey County Matching Rancher Needs with Conservation California Rangeland Trust worked with the landowner and The Trust for Public Land on the acquisition of this 17,000-acre conservation easement, the centerpiece of our Diablo Range Project. The Varian family requested that California Rangeland Trust become the

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Mercey Ranches

Mercey Ranches Fresno County & San Benito County The Mercey Ranches are located in the Panoche Valley west of Interstate 5 and due west of Fresno. The ranches contain unplowed grasslands; natural stream courses and waterways; unfragmented open space; corridors for the unimpaired passage of wildlife; natural ecosystems that provide

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Kester Bear Valley Ranch & Jacalitos Ranch

Kester Bear Valley Ranch & Jacalitos Ranch Fresno County & Monterey County Promoting Regional Conservation & Coordination In 2003, 16,381 acres were conserved on three ranches straddling the Monterey and Fresno County lines. The Kester’s Bear Valley Ranches and Jacalitos Ranch conservation agreements are three cornerstone properties to our Parkfield area

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