Category: Placer County

Creekview Northern Preserve

In 2020, the California Rangeland Trust conserved 87 acres of open space in West Roseville, known as the Creekview Northern Preserve. The Rangeland Trust partnered with the land development and homebuilding company Anthem United who funded the conservation easement on the property to mitigate potential environmental impacts associated with the development of the 500-acre Winding Creek Community, a new residential area being constructed nearby.

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East Sheridan Vernal Pool Preserve

East Sheridan Vernal Pool Preserve Placer County Collaborative Project Protects Critical Habitat Amidst Extreme Pressures In November 2005, California Rangeland Trust, in partnership with Wildlands Inc., completed a land preservation agreement that will permanently protect approximately 382 acres in Placer County; which at the time, was one of the fastest

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