Headshot of JT Reiser

JT Reiser

Land Transaction Manager

Sacramento, CA

Growing up in the Midwest, JT was surrounded by farming and ranching operations. With both sets of grandparents being cattle salesmen and generational farmers in Nebraska, he developed a passion for open space and working landscapes. JT attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for his undergraduate studies where he majored in Biological Sciences and minored in both Fisheries and Wildlife and Water Science. From there, he went on to earn a M.S. in Sustainability, Planning and Management with a focus in open space and ecosystem planning from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Prior to joining the Rangeland Trust, JT worked for various non-profit, public, and private organizations in the natural resources management field, including The Nature Conservancy and Boulder County Parks & Open Space. In his free time, JT enjoys spending time in the outdoors.