Kern County

Tejon Ranch

Tejon Ranch Kern County Combining Mitigation with Protection of Species One of California Rangeland Trust’s role is to help ranchers with mitigation projects. In 2000, California Rangeland Trust accepted the donation of a 1,122-acre easement as mitigation for a commercial development located in the northwest corner of Tejon Ranch. As

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Hafenfeld Ranch

Hafenfeld Ranch Kern County Federal Government Supports Working Family Ranch for Species Mitigation Ranchers interested in placing land under conservation easement in California have found that working with a diverse group of governmental and nongovernmental partners has been critical to successfully moving their projects forward and maintaining their goals for

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Bufford Ranch

Bufford Ranch Kern County The Bufford Ranch is located about 50 miles east of Bakersfield and 23 miles south of Lake Isabella on the north side of Walker Basin. Property uses include cattle grazing, small game hunting, archaeological site, and wildlife habitat. The eco-region diversity lends itself to a great

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