Epperson Place Ranch

Colusa County

Preserving a Critical Wildlife Corridor in Bear Valley

The Keegan family acquired the Epperson Place Ranch in 1944, and in 2016, the Rangeland Trust worked with the family to conserve the 1,547-acre property located in Colusa County’s magnificent Bear Valley. The ranch boasts open grassland, blue oak and foothill pine woodland which provides foraging habitat for resident and wintering raptors, migratory birds, deer, Tule elk and the occasional bear. Bear Creek runs through the ranch, and numerous seasonal and perennial streams provide habitat for special status species like the Western pond turtle and foothill yellow-legged frogs.

The Epperson Place Ranch is one of four ranches in Bear Valley that have been conserved by the Rangeland Trust. Next to the Epperson Place Ranch is the Keegan Ranch, immediately south is the Bear Valley Ranch, and further south is the Payne Ranch. Along with Bureau of Land Management land to the west, these private ranches create a critical wildlife corridor.