Keegan Ranch

Colusa County

Keegan Ranch Draws Wildflower Enthusiasts

The Keegan Ranch is an active cattle ranch surrounded by native oak woodlands, wildlife corridors, hundreds of different species of wildflowers, and critical watersheds. It has been owned and operated by the Keegan Family since 1880 and in 2016, landowner Jim Keegan partnered with the Rangeland Trust to conserve the scenic 2,502-acre ranch. 

The Keegan Ranch has prospered due to landowner Jim Keegan’s management practices. Lush grasslands used for grazing create the perfect environment for wildflowers to bloom, not only on exceptionally rainy years, but every spring. Previously recognized by Home and Garden TV and Sunset Magazine, native plant enthusiasts, botanists, and range conservationists gather to the ranch to see the carpets of diverse and rare flowers. To allow guests to experience the phenomenon for themselves, Jim installed a public access gate onto the ranch. 

Bear Valley in Colusa County is known for its spectacular array of beautiful wildflowers. In addition to the Keegan Ranch, the Rangeland Trust also has conservation agreements on more Bear Valley ranches including Payne Ranch, Epperson Place Ranch, and Bear Valley Ranch.