Madera County

Van Alen Ranch

Van Alen Ranch Madera County Conserving Oak Woodlands for Future Generations On May 3, 2007, California Rangeland Trust placed a conservation easement on 2,305 acres of the Van Alen Ranch (historically known as the Preuschoff Ranch) forever preserving a family’s way of life and a piece of California’s western heritage.

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Ecker Ranch

Ecker Ranch Madera County Keeping a Promise to Protect a Family Treasure The 1,080 acre ranch is located in the Coarsegold area of the Sierra foothills of Madera County; one of California’s fastest growing regions of the great Central Valley. Everything around the ranch is changing and pressure from developers

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Bennett Ranches

Bennett Ranches Madera County In January 2011, California Rangeland Trust received two donated conservation easements on Stone Corral Acreage and Tombstone Acreage. The Bennett Ranches are located in the central Sierra Nevada foothills of Madera County and possess significant conservation values. According to Mr. Bennett the majority of the land

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