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Image of lake on Epperson Ranch

Epperson Place Ranch

The Keegan family acquired the Epperson Place Ranch in 1944, and in 2011, the Rangeland Trust worked with the family to conserve the 1,547-acre property located in Colusa County’s magnificent Bear Valley. The ranch boasts open grassland, blue oak and foothill pine woodland which provides foraging habitat for resident and wintering raptors, migratory birds, deer, Tule elk and the occasional bear.

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Image of wild flowers at Keegan Ranch

Keegan Ranch

The Keegan Ranch is an active cattle ranch surrounded by native oak woodlands, wildlife corridors, hundreds of different species of wildflowers, and critical watersheds. It has been owned and operated by the Keegan Family since 1880 and in 2016, landowner Jim Keegan partnered with the California Rangeland Trust to conserve the scenic 2,500-acre ranch.

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Payne Ranch

Payne Ranch Colusa County Keeping Viewshed for Public Enjoyment The ranch encompasses 3,147 acres of forested uplands, oak woodlands, oak savannas, contiguous landscape blocks connecting adjacent Bear Valley Ranch, the BLM’s Cache Creek Natural Area, and Sulphur Creek. The ranch also provides habitat for wildlife and migratory birds, including several

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Bear Valley Ranch

Bear Valley Ranch Colusa County Optimizing Grazing and Protecting Wildflower Habitat Working in partnership with the American Land Conservancy and Gabrielsen Cattle Company, the Rangeland Trust acquired title to a 12,893-acre conservation easement on the Bear Valley Ranch, fee ownership of which was purchased by the ranching company as a

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