Author: Madison Goss

Episode 1: Introduction to the California Rangeland Trust

The roots of the California Rangeland Trust run deep. In this inaugural episode, Michael welcomes Rangeland Trust Board Chair, Andy Mills, who also served as one of the Trust’s very first employees back in 1998. Listen as Michael and Andy dive deep into the history of the Trust and talk about their vision for the future of the organization.

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Bar One Ranch

Bar One Ranch: Laying an Important Foundation

There is nothing quite like the Sierra Valley. Nestled between the Sierra Nevada mountains, the roughly 120,000 acres hold farm and ranch land, vital habitat to an array of wildlife, and important watershed areas. This small slice of heaven has remained frozen in time – fending off development encroaching from Truckee and Reno – all because the farmers and ranchers in the area have protected the legacy of the land.

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Carrizo Ranch: A Subdivision in Reverse

Imagine growing up on a ranch where every thing you need is on the land right in front of you.Between the fruit trees that provide fresh produce in abundance, the pastureland that supports a variety of grazing livestock, and the peace and serenity that comes with being in tune with the land day in and day out, there is no place you would rather be, right?

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Orvis Cattle Company: Land, Livestock, and Legacy

The Snow Ranch, home to Orvis Cattle Company, is rich in history. Since acquiring the land in 1873, descendants of the Snow family have worked hard to diversify the land to make a name for themselves and preserve the family business. Aside from being the first registered Hereford cattle ranch in California, it has also been used as a site for archeological studies, rocket launches, and film sets for movies like Big Country and Little House on the Prairie. This creative way of thinking is what has kept their 150-year family legacy alive and well, despite day-to-day challenges that come with ranching in California.

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Nearly 15,000 Acres of Wind Wolves Preserve Permanently Protected

The California Rangeland Trust is proud to announce a permanent conservation agreement of 14,631 acres on the 93,000-acre Wind Wolves Preserve in Kern County. Completed in conjunction with The Wildlands Conservancy, a California-based nonprofit, which owns and manages the property, and the Trust for Public Lands, this is the first installment in a series of conservation agreements on the Preserve with the Rangeland Trust.

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Meet our Partners: Westervelt Ecological Services

The Westervelt Company is a century-old company dedicated to protecting the land’s resources for future generations. In 2006, the company formed Westervelt Ecological Services (WES) that owns and operates 30,000 acres of land across America to mitigate and plan for habitat for a variety of entities.

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Sardella Ranch: Fighting Fire with Fire

In the summer of 2013, a fire came through the Sardella Ranch. Where most would see devastation, Michael Sardella, owner of the Sardella Ranch in Tuolumne County, saw an opportunity.

Sardella has been a resident of the Sonora area his whole life. Since his family settled onto the ranch in 1957, he has witnessed firsthand the effects that population growth and development have on small towns in America.

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