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Season 3 Episode 7: Educate & Expose

For this episode, Michael Delbar, CEO & host, sits down Rizpah Bellard. Together the duo goes over what Rizpah plans to do with her new-found platform, how her work and experience as a rancher, she has devoted her time to connecting with under-served communities to teach them that they too can be a cowboy or cowgirl and have a love for/connection to the land and our industry.

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Season 3 Episode 6: Stronger Together

In our latest episode, CEO and host, Michael Delbar sits down with Shannon Douglass, the new President of the California Farm Bureau. From regulatory hurdles to economic pressures, the duo discusses how these challenges impact the industry and what can be done to support the agricultural community. Shannon also shares her insights on the Farm Bureau’s efforts and the importance of collective action in building a stronger future for agriculture.

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Season 2 Episode 12: Helping People Help the Land

Today we are joined by Carlos Suarez, the California State Conservationist at NRCS. Together Michael and Carlos discuss the projects that the Rangeland Trust has completed with funding from the NRCS, how the NRCS is funded, the different programs that they offer for funding, as well as how they can work together to help meet our conservations and funding needs.

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Season 2 Episode 11: Voices Matter

In this episode, Kevin Kester, Rangeland Trust ranching partner, shares with us his experiences as a fifth-generation rancher and advocate of the beef industry. Kevin knows the power that ranchers’ voices can have, and today we want to share his.

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Season 2 Episode 10: Navigating the Threats to California Agriculture

Agriculture is a crucial contributor to California’s economy, generating over $132 billion annually by producing more than 400 commodities, some of which are only commercially produced here. It plays a major role in ensuring food security, promoting economic well-being, and maintaining environmental quality.

However, farmers and ranchers face various challenges, including unjust criticism and stringent regulations, which exacerbate their hardships. With the dwindling number of these essential stewards, California, as well as the nation and the world, faces the potential of food insecurity.

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